Genus: Rastosuchus DIAS, DIAS-DA-SILVA & SCHULTZ, 2020
Etymology: In reference to Rio do Rosto Formation, and Greek, suchos, "crocodile."

Species: hammeri DIAS, DIAS-DA-SILVA & SCHULTZ, 2020
Etymology: In honor of Dr William Roy Hammer, a paleontologist with important contributions to the knowledge of teh vertebrate fauna from Gondwana. We maintain the aspiration of Dr. Mario c. Barberena to make this homage.

Holotype: UFRGS-PV-0350-P

Locality: "CT-12 Boca Sul", railway tunnel 12-south opeining, Morro dos Mulatos, Ponta Grossa to Apucarana Railway, Serra do Cadeado Region, Parana State, Brazil.

Horizon: Lower levels, Morro Pelado Member, Rio do Rasto Formation.


Age: Late Permian.

Material: Left and right mandibular rami. Right lower jaw almost complete lacking the symp0hisial area and the posteiror poriton of left lower jaw.


UFRGS-PV-0235-P: An anterior mandibular fragment including the symphyseal area.

UFRGS-PV-0356-P: A set of elements of the same individual; clavicle, cleithrum, scapulocoracoid, femur, disarticultaed autopodial elements, disarticulted vertebral elements, fragmentary ribs and other unprepare d postcranial elments.

UFRGS-PV-0349-P: An almost complete left lower jaw.

Note: Found in the upper levels.

Referred material:

UFRGS-PV-0352-P: A partial skull with incomplete mandibles.