Genus: Rhineceps WATSON, 1962

Species: nyasaensis (HAUGHTON, 1927) WATSON, 1962
Etymology: In reference to Malawi (was Nyasaland, South Africa).
= Rhinesuchus nyasaensis HAUGHTON, 1927

Holotype: SAM 7866

Locality: Mount Waller Area, Malawi (was Nyasaland, South Africa).

Horizon: Chiweta Beds.

Biostratigraphy: Latest Cistecephalus zone.

Age: Tatarian Age, Lopingian Subepoch, Zechstein Epoch, Late Permian.

Material: Nearly complete skull and lower jaw.

Referred material:

UMZC T.259: Parts of a skull and mandible of the same specimen.