Genus: Rubeostratilia BOURGET & ANDERSON, 2011
Etymology: Latin, rubeo, "ruber, rubrus, red," Latin, stratum, strati, "bed"; where the specimen was found in Texas.

Species: texensis BOURGET & ANDERSON, 2011
Etymology: Specific epithet in honor of Texas where the specimen was found.

Holotype: FMNH PR1460

Locality: TMM 31226, east of Henrietta, Clay County, Texas.
Note: Exact locality information on file at the Texas Memorial Museum in Austin, Texas.

Horizon: Nocona Formation, Wichita Group.


Age: Asselian-Sakmarian Stage, Lower-Middle Rotliegendes Epoch, Lower Permian.

Material: Flattened skull with the left side partially, but the right side well, preserved. A portion of the mandible is preserved.