Genus: Scapanops SCHOCH & SUES, 2013
Etymology: Greek, skapane, "spade" referring ot the spade-like outline of the skull and Greek, ops, "face": alluding to the general similarity to Cacops.

Species: neglecta SCHOCH & SUES, 2013
Etymology: Latin, neglectus, "overlooked": in allustion to its initial taxonomic fate.

Holotype: MCZ 2369

Locality: Halsell Hill, Clay County, north-central Texas.

Horizon: Nocona Formation, Wichtia Group.


Age: Asselian stage, Lower Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Skull with a few associated appendicular elements; humerus, radius, clavicles, attahced to teh ventral side, adn associated block with teh right scapula and cleithrum, 14 vertebrae, ribs, adn osteoderms.