Genus: Selenocara BJERRING, 1997
Etymology: The generic name honors the late Dr. Eigil Nielsen of Copenhagen-dexterous collector and describer of Triassic fish- who among contemporary Greenland explorers went by the sobriquet of manen (the Danish word for the moon) and Greek, celene, "moon" and Greek, kara, “head”: Moon Head.
= Volgasaurus KUZMIN, 1937

Species: groenlandicus (SAVE-SODERBERGH 1935) BJERRING, 1997
= Wetlugasaurus groenlandicus SAVE-SODERBERGH 1935

Holotype: MGUH VP 3339 (previously MGH VP At 2 )

Locality: Cat Stosch, Stensio Plateau, Ridge VIII-IX, between 538 and 543 m altitude, coast of Kap Stosch, Hold-with-Hope, northeastern slope of Stensio Plateau, Greenland.

Horizon: Wordy Creek Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Myalina kochi horizon, at the botton of the Anodontophora fassaensis beds.

Age: Induan, Scythain (Early Triassic) Stage, Early Triassic.

Material: Fragmentary skull.

Cotype: At 17 (MGUH VP 3340): Fragmentary skull.


Species: grossica NOVIKOV, 2016
= Wetlugasaurus samarensis SENIKOV, 1981 (partim)

Holotype: PIN No. 5496/6