Genus: Stoschiosaurus SAVE-SODERBERGH, 1935

Species: nielseni SAVE-SODERBERGH, 1935

Holotype: MGUH VP 7057 (previously MGUH At 6)

Locality: South-east of Kap Stosch, Stensio Plateu, Ridge VIII-XI, between 538 and 543 m altitude, Greenland.

Horizon: Wordy Creek Formation (Wordie Creek Group).

Biostratigraphy: Myalina kochi horizon, at the bottom of the Anodontophora fassaensis beds.

Age: Induan, Scythain (Early Triassic) Stage, Early Triassic.

Material: Imperfect internal cast of the posterior parts of 3 skulls.

Note: Shallow marine deposit.