Genus: Tambachia SUMIDA, BERMAN & MARTENS, 1998
Etymology: Refers to the formational unit in which the holotype was found.

Species: trogalles SUMIDA, BERMAN & MARTENS, 1998
Etymology: Greek, trogo, “munch or nibble”, Greek, allas, “sausage”, referring to the Thuringian bratwurst eaten frequently by the authors at Bromacker quarry.
= Genus et species Nova SUMIDA, BERMAN & MARTENS, 1992/1994

Holotype: MNG 7722

Locality: Bromacker Locality near the village of Tambach-Dietharz, in the middle of the Thuringian Forest, approximately 20 km south of the town of Gotha, Thuringia State,.Germany.

Horizon: Tambach Formation.


Age: Lowermost unit of the upper Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Partially preserved skull and displace articulated portions of a skeleton, representing all major regions except the presacral column.
Note: Similar to Anconastes.

Referred material:


Number: Not given: Complete skull and partial skeleton.