Genus: Tatrasuchus MARYANSKA & SHISHKIN, 1996
Etymology: In reference to the Tatra Mountains, southern Poland, and Greek, souchus, "crocodile."
= Kupferzella SCHOCH, 1997
Etymology: Kupferzella refers to the exceptional Fossil-Lagerstatte at Kuperfzell, village Bauersbach, Germany (Mundlos & Wegele 1978, Wild, 1978, 1980, 1981), which did not only yield the material of this new genus, but many skeletons of Mastodonsaurus jaegeri, two plagiosaur genera, a new rauischid genus, nothosaur elements, vertebrae of a yet unidentified theraspid, and dipnoans, described by Schutlze, 1981.

Species: kulczyckii MARYANSKA & SHISHKIN, 1996 (Type)
Etymology: In honor of the late Polish paleontologist Doctor Julian Kulczycki.

Holotype: Museum of Earth, Warsaw, MZ VIII Va 6

Locality: Wielkie Koryciska Valley, Tatra Mountain Range, southern Poland.

Horizon: Partnach beds, Furkaska Unit.


Age: Anisian-Landian boundary, Middle Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: Incomplete skull and mandible, disintegrated into a number of fragments, and two articulated intercentra.

Referred material:

MZ VIII Va 7-12.


= Kupferzella wildi SCHOCH, 1997
Etymology: In honor of Rupert Wild, curator of the Staatliches Museum fur Naturkunde at Stuttgart, who discovered and identified the holotype as well as the rest of the hypodigm in April, 1977.

Holotype: SMNS 54670

Locality: The tetrapod Lagerstatte exposed during the highway (Autobahn) building near the village Bauersbach, Kuperfzell, Hohenlohekreis, Baden-Wurttemberg State, Southwest Germany.

Horizon: The Untere Graue Mergel (literally ‘lower grey marls’) of the Upper Lettenkeuper series.


Age: Uppermost Ladinian Stage, Upper Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic.

Material: An almost complete skull and lower jaw, both the skull and lower jaw are broken and dislocated along the midline sutures.

Hypodigm. SMNS 54671-54674: 4 very fragmentary specimens have been found together.

Referred material:

SMNS 54673, 80959, 80962, 80965-67, 81070, 81260, 8161:

SCHOCH, 2015

MHI KU 1993/3: Skull and mandible.

MHI KU 1993/4: Interclavicle.

= Plagosaurid HUENE, 1922

NR. 13331

Locality: Gaildorf, Hohenlohe, northern Baden-Wurttemberg State, southwestern Germany.

Horizon: Lettenkohle.


Age: Late Triassic.


SMNS 55908: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton, Interclavicle and clavicale.