Genus: Tirraturhinus NIELD, DAMIANI & WARREN, 2006
Etymology: Australian Aboriginal, Language of the Awabakal people, north central South Wales and south central Queensland, tirra, "tooth," tura, "pierced" and Greek, rhino, "nose or snout": in reference to the likelihood that the snout was pierced by foramina for the dentary tusks. Gender masculine.

Species: smissenorum ememd NIELD, DAMIANI & WARREN, 2006
Etymology: In honor of the Smissen family, Carl and Joan van der Smissen, who found the specimen.
= Tirraturhinus smisseni NIELD, DAMIANI & WARREN, 2006
Note: The authors used the wrong ending for the species, because it is in honor of more than one person, the ending should be 'orum' not 'i'.

Holotype: QMF 44093

Locality: The headwaters of Duckworth Creek, near the township of Bluff, south central Queensland State, Australia.

Horizon: Arcadia Formation, Rewan Group.


Age: Probably Griesbachian, Early Triassic.

Material: The prenarial section of a skull including the skull roof and palate.