Genus: Tomeia ELTINK, DA-ROSA & DIAS-DA-SILVA, 2017
Etymology: Latin derivation of the name from the type locality, Bica Sao Tome, formally descrbid by Da-Rosa et al. (2009).

Species: witecki ELTINK, DA-ROSA & DIAS-DA-SILVA, 2017
Etymology: In honor of Msc. Leopoldo Witeck Neto, a Brazilian forest engineer, landscaper, botanist, taxonomist, teacher, and an enthusiatic amateur paleontologist, who firstly spotted the fossiliferous site.

Holotype: UFSM 11408

Locality: Bica Sao Tome, Sao Francisco de Assis municipality, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.

Locality: Saga do Cabral Supersequence.


Age: Early Traissic.

Material: A right posterior corner of the skull, including otic notch, occipital region, parasphenoid, and pterygoid, a right fragment of the orbital region, an almost complete left postparietal, part of the left squamosal, a fragment of a right mandibular ramus and some undetermined small fragments.