Genus: Trucheosaurus WATSON, 1919

Species: major (WOODWARD, 1909) WATSON, 1919
= Bothriceps major WOODWARD, 1909

Holotype: MMF (old NSWGS) F12697, AMF 50977, BMNH R3728

Locality: Airly, near Capertee in the west of the Sydney Basin, New South Wales State, Australia.

Horizon: Glen Davis Formation, of the Charbon Subgroup, the lower deltaci facies of the Illawara Coal Measures.


Age: Dzhulfian, Late Permian.

Material: Skull and fragmentary skeleton.
Note: Break down as fallows;

MMF F12697a: Skull table.

AMF 50977: The partially complete and articualted postcranial skeleton.

BMNH R3728: Counterpart of both skull and postcranial skeleton.