Genus: Vanastega DAMIANI & KITCHING, 2003
Etymology: Latin, vana,"delicate or fragile," Greek, stege, ‘roof’: in reference to the exceptionally thin dermal bone of the skull roof, gender feminine.

Species: plurimidens DAMIANI & KITCHING, 2003
Etymolgoy : Latin, plurimi, "multiple," Greek, dens, "teeth": in reference to the continous tooth row on the palatines and ectopterygoids.

Holotype: BP/1/4004

Locality: Farm Nooitgedacht, Burgersdorp District, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Horizon: Burgersdorp Formation, Tarkastad Subgroup.

Biostratigraphy: Cynognathus zone, subzone B.

Age: Anisian Stage, lowermost Mid Triassic Epoch, Early to Middle Triassic.

Material: A partial skull and associated cranial fragments, and a near-complete left mandibular ramus.


BP/1/5831: A partial left mandibular ramus.