Genus: Webererpeton CLEMENT & LEBEDEV, 2014
Etymology: In honor of V. N. Weber, a prominent Russian geologist, who worked in the eastern part of the Main Devonian Field in 1920s and collected the specimen, and Greek, herpeton, "crawling animal."

Species: sondalensis CLEMENT & LEBEDEV, 2014
Etymology: In reference to the Sondala River, Leningrad Oblast/Region, European Russia, running close to the locality where the specimen was collected.

Holotype: PIN 1491/52

Locality: 600 m from the mouth, left bank of its right confluence Sondala River, Oyat' River, Podporozhye District, Leningrad Oblast/Region, European Russia.

Horizon: Smota-Lovat' Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Bothriolepis maxima placoderm zone.

Age: Upper Frasnian Stage, Lower Late Devonian Epoch, Devonian.

Material: Anterior part of a right lower jaw ramus.