Genus: Ymeria CLACK, AHLBERG, BLOM & FINNEY, 2012
Etymology: In reference to Ymer Ø, East Greenland, where the specimen was found.

Species: denticulata CLACK, AHLBERG, BLOM & FINNEY, 2012
Etymology: Refers to the denticulated prearticular.

Holotype: NHMD 74759 (previously MGUH VP 6088)

Locality: South Celsius Bjerg, western part, eastern part, talus, East Greenland.

Horizon: Undifferentiated units on north Celsius Bjerg, probably Britta Dal Formation, Celsius Bjerg Group.


Age: Famennian Stage, Late Devonian Epoch, Late Devonian.

Material: A partial skull with both lower jaws, maxillae, premaxillae, partial palate and shoulder girdle.

Referred material:

MGHU 6026: Partial lower jaw.