Genus: Kirktonecta CLACK, 2011
Etymology: In reference to East Kirkton, west-Lothian Province, Scotland, the quarry where the specimen was found, and Greek, necta, "swimmer."

Species: milinerae CLACK, 2011
Etymology: In honor of Angela Milner.

Holotype: UMZC 2002a, b

Locality: 'Bed 82' East Kirkton Quarry, Bathgate, west-Lothian Province, Scotland, northern United Kingdom.

Horizon: East Kirkton Limestone, West Lothian Oil-Shale Formation.


Age: Middle Dinantian Series, Visean Epoch, Late Carboniferous (Middle Mississippian).

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragimentar7 skeleton.

Note: Has soft-tissue impressions on the tail.

Note: Has scale impressions.