Genus: Elasmosaurus COPE, 1869
Etymology: Greek, elasma, “metal plate”, Greek, sauros, “lizard”: Plate lizard.

Species: platyurus COPE, 1868
= Discosaurus carinatus COPE, 1868

Holotype: ANSP 10081 (not ANSP 18001 as reported by Wells, 1952, 1962)

Locality: Field LeConte 1868 " a ravine 15 miles NW of the post, Fort Wallace Kansas,” at McAllister Buttte, Logan County, Kansas.

Horizon: Sharon Springs Member, Pierre Shale.


Age: Upper Lower to Lower Middle Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous

Material: Occiput of skull, partial rostrum, mandibular symphysis, 74 cervicals, 3 pectorals, 26 dorsals, 3 sacrals, and 26 caudals, pectrum and pelvis.
Note: Enchodus and 5 other species in the stomach region (CICIMURRI & EVERHART, 2001)

FHSM VP-398: 7 mid-dorsal vertebrae and fragments of 2 or more single headed ribs.

KUVP 129744: 2 posterior vertebrae, fragments of single headed ribs, 2 partial gastralia and 38 gastroliths.

CMC VP6867: 5 complete, single headed ribs, 3 partial ribs, 20 complete or nearly complete gastrala, and 7 additonal gastroliths.