Genus: Gasparinisaura CORIA & SALGADO, 1996
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Zulma B. De Gasparini, for her contribution to the study of Mesozoic reptiles in Patagonia, Greek, saura, feminine, “lizard”: Gasparini’s lizard
= Gasparinisaura (nomen nudum) CORIA & SALGADO, 1993

Species: cincosaltensis CORIA & SALGADO, 1996
Etymology: In reference to Cinco Saltos City, where the holotype was found.

Holotype: MUCPv-208

Locality: 2 km southeast of Cinco Saltos City, northwestern Rio Negro Province, Patagonia, Argentina.

Horizon: Anacleto Member, Rio Colorado Formation.


Age: Coloradoan Tetrapoda Assemblage, Age: Santonian-Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Almost complete skull with atlas, and axis in articulation, sacrum, pectoral, and pelvic girdles, humeri without distal ends, and almost complete hind limbs.

Note: Has gastroliths.


CERDA, 2006, 2008

MUCPv-111: An almost complete specimen missing only the skull and distal tail.

MUCPv-112: Skull, several dorsal and caudal vertebrae and the pelvic girdle in articulation with both hind limbs.

Note: Both specimens have gastroliths.