Genus: Neusticosaurus SEELEY, 1882

Species: pusillus (FRAAS, 1881) SEELEY, 1881

Referred material:

Locality: Acqua del Ghiffo, Monte San Giorgio, Tessen Canton, Switzerland.

Horizon: Lower Meride Limestone, Cava Superior horizon.


Age: Middle Triassic.

PIMUZ: T3387, T3388, T3390, T3392, T3405, T3409, T3416, T3418, T3419, T3421, T3424, T3426, T3429, T3432, T3434, T3442, T3451, T3468, T3478, T3481, T3483, T3484, T3509, T3513-T3519, T3525-T3530, T3532-T3534, T3535a, T3535b, T3536, T3538, T3540, T3541, T3544, T3545, T3547a, T3547b, T3548a-T3548e, T3551, T3553a, T3553b, T3555, T3558-T3573a, T3775b-T3580, T3585, T3590, T3591, T3593-T3600a, T3600b-T3606, T3610-T3614, T3616-T3618, T3620-T3636a, T3636b-T3645, T3649a-T3649c, T3650a, T3650b, T3651-T3654, T3657-T3658a, T3658b-T3661, T3664, T3670-3673, T3703, T3714, T3717, T3720, T3721, T3725, T3737-T3740, T3741a-T3741e, T3743, T3745-T3748, T3750, T3751, T3756, T3757, T3761, T3763, T3765, T3767, T3777, T3779-T3782, T3782, T3784-T3786, T3790, T3792-T3796, T3798, T3802a-T3802d, T3803a-T3803d, T3805, T3852, T3905, T3907, T3909, T3912, T3934, T3936, T3937, T3938a-T3938h, T4289, T4296, T4300. Most of these are largely complete skeletons. The specimen numbers ending ina small letter indicate several skeletons on one slab.
Note: From SANDER, 1989, a single, presumably aberrant, gastroliths in tow out of many specimens.