Genus: Talenkauen NOVAS, CAMBIASO & AMBROSIO, 2004
Etymology: Aonikenk Indian language, talenk, ‘small’ and kauen, ‘skull’; in reference to the proportionally small head of the animal.

Species: santacrucensis NOVAS, CAMBIASO & AMBROSIO, 2004
Etymology: In reference to the southern Argentine province of Santa Cruz.

Holotype: MPM-10001

Locality: Los Hornos Hill, southern coast of Viedma Lake, lat. 49°51’16.2”S, Long. 72°06;26.3”W, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina.

Horizon: Pari Aike Formation.


Age: Maastrichtian Stage, uppermost Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Skull and nearly complete skeleton.
Note: Has large oval ‘uncinate’ processes.
Note: Has gastroliths CEREDA, 2006