Genus: Yinlong XU, FORSTER, CLARK & MO, 2006
Etymology: Chinese, Yin, 'hiding', and long, 'dragon', derived from the movie 'Crouchign Tiger', Hidden Dragon' which was filmed in the locality where the holotype was found.

Species: downsi XU, FORSTER, CLARK & MO, 2006
Etymology: In honor of Will Downs, who joined many palaeontological expeditions in China including the one in 2003, shortly before his death.

Holotype: IVPP V14530

Locality: Wucaiwan area, Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (Sinkang) Province, China.

Horizon: Upper part of the Shishugou Formation.


Age: Oxfordian Stage, Lower Malm Epoch, Early Late Jurassic.

Material: Skull and skeleton.

Note: Has gastroliths.