Genus: Deltavjatia LEBEOLOV, in IVAKHENKO, 1987
Etymology: In reference to the triangular shape of its skull, resembling the Greek letter “delta”, and the Vyatka River (tributary of the Kama and Volga), near where the specimen was found.

Species: vjatkensis (HARTMANN-WEINBERG 1933) LEBEOLOV, in IVAKHENKO, 1987

Holotype: PIN 2212/1

Locality: Vjatka River, Kotelnich, European Russia.


Biostratigraphy: Zone IV.

Age: Lower Tatarian substage, Capitanian Stage, Upper Guadelupian subepoch, Middle Zechstein Epocn, Late Middle Permian.

Referred material:

LEE, 1997

UMZC T1321: Complete skull and lower jaw, vertebral column missing posterior sacrals and caudals, ribs, complete shoulder girdle and both forelimbs, partial eft hind lime and osteoderms.