Genus: Embrithosaurus WATSON, 1914
Etymology: Greek, embrithos, “heavy, ponderous”, Greek, sauros, “lizard”: Ponderous lizard.

Species: schwarzi WATSON, 1914

Holotype: SAM 8034

Locality: Hoogeveld Lot A, Prince Albert District, Western Cape Province, South Africa.

Horizon: Middle Abrahamskraal Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Tapinocephalus zone.

Age: Early Tatarian age, Guadelupian subepoch, Middle Zeichstein Epoch, Middle Permian.

Material: A complete skull and lower jaw, hyoid, isolated vertebrae, probably 8-33, left humerus, complete pelvis and hindlimbs, some ribs and osteoderms, isolated phalanges. Orginally, the shoulder girdle and all presacral vertebrae were also present.

Referred material:

GSP CBT112: Complete skull, lower jaw, and complete postcranium, including well-preserved manus, pes, osteoderms, and caudal vertebrae.