Genus: Pholiderpeton HUXLEY, 1863

Species: attheyi (WATSON, 1926)

Holotype: HM: G13.72

Locality: Low Main Seam, Newsham, Northumberland County, England, southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Middle coal Measures.

Biostratigraphy: Simills-pulchra zone.

Age: Westphalian B, Lower Upper Silesian series, Kashirskian Stage, Lower Moscovian Epoch, Early Middle Pennsylvanian, (Late Carboniferous).

Material: Over 12 vertebrae, 6 ribs, scutes, and femur.

Lectotype: HM G13.71 (DMSW 27): Skull with both jaw rami and rib fragments.

Referred Material:

HM G13.76 (DMSW 32): A slab with caudal centra and ribs, scutes, etc.

HM G15.84: Dorsal vertebra, ?rib and scutes.

HM G25.51-60: Scutes.