Locality: MWC Loc. 1.05.86, Mygatt-Moore (M&M) Quarry, Rabbit Valley, Mesa County, Western Colorado.

Horizon: Middle Brushy Basin Member, Morrison Formation.

Biostratigraphy: Zone 3.

Age: Comobluffian age, Kimmeridgian Stage, uppermost Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.


MWC 6718: Sauropod skin patch.

Note: Found less than 35 cm from an isolated sauropod pubic peduncle of the ilium (above the bone and in a dorsal position relative to the peduncle), and several Apatosaurus excelsus vertebrae (cervical and caudal) were within 1 m of the skin patch.

MWC 5537: Sauropod skin patch.

Note: Found nearest 2 large sauropod ribs and within 2 m of 3 disarticulated vertebrae (one cervical, dorsal, and caudal) of Apatosaurus. Like the other specimens, it was found in gray mudstone wiht abundant, fragmentary plant material.