Genus: Scutosaurus HARTMANN-WEINBERG, 1930
Etymology: Latin, Scutum, “leather shield”, Greek, sauros, “lizard”: Shield lizard.

Species: karpinskii (AMALITSKI, 1922)

Holotype: PIN N 2005/1532

Locality: North Dvina and Iljinskoje, Arkhangel’sk Province, northern Russia.

Horizon: Lower Vyatskian Gorizont, Late Permian.

Biostratigraphy: Zone IV.

Age: Upper Tatarian Stage, Lopingian Subepoch, Zechstein Epoch, Late Permian.


Referred material:

N 200/1538: Skull.

LEE, 1997

PIN 2005/1533, 2005/1535, 2005/1536, 2005/1537, 2005/1538: 6 skeletons including skull, lower jaw, complete vertebral column, ribs, most of shoulder pelvic girdles, and limbs. Osteoderms are only associated with the first specimen.

PIN 3919: Braincase, and fragments of skull and lower jaws, osteoderms and numerous unidentifiable fragments. This number also includes a left dentary, left premaxilla, and partial fragments of a second pareiasaur.

PIN 2005/698: Osteoderm and rib.