Genus: Silvanerpeton CLACK, 1993
Etymology: Latin Silvanus, Roman God of the woods. A reference to the fact that the East Kirkton Quarry was a wood when first recognized, and to the discovery of both site and holotype by Stanley Wood, and Herpeton (Greek) crawler: Wood crawler and Wood’s crawler.

Species: miripedes CLACK, 1993
Etymology: From Latin mirus, wonderful, and Latin pedes, feet. A reference both to the wonderful preservation of the feet of the holotype and to the phalangeal formula: Wonderful feet.

Holotype: UMZC T1317

Locality: East Kirkton Quarry, Bathgate, west Lothian Province, Scotland, northern United Kingdom.

Horizon: East Kirkton Limestone, West Lothian Oil-Shale Formation.


Age: Visean Epoch, Middle Dinantian Series, Late Carboniferous (Middle Mississippian).

Material: Skull, skeleton and skin impressions.