Genus: Tepexisaurus REYNOSO & CALLISON, 2000
Etymology: Nahuatl, tetl, ‘stone’, Nahuatl, pexic, ‘split’ and Greek, sauros, ‘lizard’: Split stone lizard.

Species: tepexii REYNOSO & CALLISON, 2000
Etymology: For Tepexi de Rodriguez, municipality where the Tlayua Quarry (the type locality) is located.

Holotype: IGM 7466

Locality: Tlayua Quarry, locality number IGM-370 Cantera Tlayua Aranguty, 2 km south east of the Colonia Morelos, near Tepexi de Rodriguez, Puebla State, Mexico.

Horizon: Middle member of the Tlayua Formation.


Age: Middle or Late Albian Stage, middle Gallic subepoch, lower Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Nearly complete specimen with scales.