Genus: Tuojiangosaurus DONG, LI, ZHOU, & ZHANG, 1977
Etymology: In reference to the Tuojiang (river), tributary of the Yangtzi, Sihuan Basin, China, and Greek, sauros, “lizard”: “Tou River lizard”.

Species: multispinus DONG, LI, ZHOU & ZHANG, 1977
Etymology: Multispinus refers to the 17 bony plates on the back.

Referred material:

GAO, HUANG & ZHU, 1986

Locality: Zigong, Sichuan (Szechwan) Province, China.

Horizon: Shang-Shaximiao Formation.


Age: Oxfordian Stage, Lower Malm Epoch, Early Late Jurassic.


Number: Not given: Fragmentary skeleton with shoulder spines and skin.