Genus: Brighstoneus LOCKWOOD, MARTILL & MAIDMENT, 2021
Etymology: In reference to the village of Brighstone on the Isle of Wight, which is close to the excavation site and was home to the Reverend William Fox, a celebrated Victorian fossil collector whose discoveries had a major impact on early dinosaurian research.

Species: simmondsi LOCKWOOD, MARTILL & MAIDMENT, 2021
Etymology: In honor of Mr Keith Simmonds who made the disocvery of the specimen.
= Iguanodon? atherfieldensis NAISH & MARTILL, 2001a

Holotype: MIWG 6344

Locality: Plant debris bed (L9 of Stwart 1978) to the west of Grange Chine, south coast of the Isle of Wight, Isle of Wight County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Wessex Formation.


Age: Early Barremian Stage, Early Gallic Subepoch, Middle Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: Dorsal process of right premaxilla, both maxillae, both jugals left palpebral, left nasal, both dentaries, predentary, 1 transitional dorsal and 7 dorsal vertebrae, sacrum, 6 caudal vertebrae, dorsal ribs, 9 from the left side and 5 from the right side, both ilia, right ischium, possible prepubic process, and the right femur. Some parts of the same individual (including 2 dorsal vertebrae and other fragments) remain in private ownership and are not described here.

Note: One of the dorsal neural spines is pathologic and has bite marks.