Gen. sp. indet.


Locality: Fort Sill, OMNH Locality V51, Dolese Brothers limestone quarry at Richards Spur, Fissure Fills, just west of U.S. Highways 62 & 281, 10.5 miles south of Apache, 6 miles north of Fort Sill, SW 1/2, Sec. 31, T4N, R11W, Comanche County, Oklahoma.

Horizon: Willington Formation (Garber Formation), Summer Group.


Age: Middle Leonardian stage, upper Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.


ROM 75623-75630, 75642-75670, 75672, 75673, 75675-75680, 75683, 75684, 75686-75688: Anterior caudal with fracture plane.

ROM 75641: Anterior caudal wiht fracture plane, transverse porcesses present.

RM 75671: Half of an anterior caudal, split at the fracture plane.

ROM 75674: Series of two anterior caudals with fracture plane.

ROM 75681: Series of two anterior caudals wiht fracture planes.

ROM 75682: Anterior caudal wiht fracture plane, transverse process present.

ROM 75685: Anterior caudal with fracture plane, transverse processe on left side.

ROM 75689: Series of two pathological caudals with fracture planes.

ROM 77409: Anterior caudal with break alogn fracture plane.

OMNH 1020: Partial caudal series of a juvenile.

OMNH 03304: Partial dorsal and caudal series.