Genus: Cymbospondylus LEIDY, 1868

Species: nichollsi FRÖBISCH, SANDER & RIEPPEL, 2006
Etymology: In memory and honour of Dr. Elizabeth L. Nicholls, curator of marine reptiles at the Royal Tyrell Museum, Drumheller, Canada, for her work on Triassic ichthyosaurs, with greatly contributed to the increased knowledge and understanding of the group.
= Nova STOECKER, 2003

Holotype: FMNH PR2251

Locality: Exact locality on file at the FMNH, T25N, R39E, Section 14, USGS Cain Mountain 7.5' quadrangle, 1990 provisional edition, Augusta Mountains, Pershing County, Nevada.

Horizon: Fossil Hill Member, Favret Formation.


Age: Anisian Stage, Lower Mid Triassic Epoch, Lower Middle Triassic.

Material: Anterior half of an articulated skeleton, comprising the skull without the rosturm, articulated vertebral column with neural arches and ribs, extending to the middle dorsal region, and parts of the shoulder girdle.

Note: Has pit marks on the parietal plateau.

Note: With zygopophyseal fusion, with accompanying bone rugosity and malformation, in cervicla vertebrae 6-9 (PARDO-PEREZ, KEAR, GOMEZ, MORONI & MAXWELL, 2018).