Genus: Gastonia KIRKLAND, 1998
Etymology: In honor of Robert Gaston, who discovered the type locality and has contributed greatly to the research.

Species: burgei KIRKLAND, 1998

Holotype: College of Eastern Utah Prehistoric Museum, Price, Utah, CEUM 1397

Locality: CEU locality #42GR 184v, Carol Site, Site 42EM366V, south of Price and also south of I-70 between Moab and the Utah-Colorado Border, Gaston Quarry west of the Yellow Cat Road, NE ¼, SE ¼, NE ¼, SW ¼, sec. 35, T22s, R21E on the Mollie Hogans, Grand County, Utah.

Horizon: Yellow Cat Member, Cedar Mountain Formation.


Age: Buffalogapian age, Barremian Stage, Lower Gallic Subepoch, Early Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.

Material: A nearly complete skull lacking the maxilla and mandible, and fragmentary skeleton.
Note: Paleopathology, pits on fused scutes that form the sacral shield similar to turtle pit disease?