Genus: Heishansaurus BOHLIN, 1953 (nomen dubium)
Etymology: In reference to Heishan “Black Mountain”, in Gansu Province, China, near where the fossil was found: “Black Mountain lizard”.

Species: pachycephalus BOHLIN, 1979 (nomen dubium)

Holotype: Inst. Vert. Paleont. Peking, unnumbered

Locality: Jalyuguan (Chia-Yu-Kuan), West Kansu, Gansu (Kansu) Province, China.

Horizon: Djadokhta equivalent, Chijinbao Formation.


Age: Middle Campanian Stage, Senonian Subepoch, Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton with dermal scutes.

AMNH 2062: Cast.

Noe: A centrum with a left transverse process with an expanded with an irregular surface texture.