Genus: Jachaleria BONAPARTE, 1971
Etymology: In reference to the Jachal Department of San Juan Province, Argentina.

Species: candelariensis ARAUJO & GONZASA, 1978

Holotype: UFRGS-PV0151 T (G)

Locality: Botucarai, 6 km from Candelaria, Rio Gande do Sol State, Southern Brazil.

Horizon: Santa Maria Formation (Caturrita Formation?).


Age: Late Ladinian Substage Late Landian Stage, Uppermost Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic, or ?Julian Substage, ?Early Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Material: Skull, dentary, cervical vertebra, cervical centra, posterior dorsal vertebra, anterior dorsal rib, posterior dorsal rib, scapulae, sternal, radii.

Note: Left scapula is pathologic (VEGA-DIAS & SCHULTZ, 2003)