Genus: Leptonectes McGOWAN, 1996
Etymology: Greek, Leptos, meaning slender, and Greek, nektes, meaning swimmer.

Species: solei (McGOWAN, 1993) McGOWAN, 1996
= Leptopterygius solei McGOWAN, 1993

Holotype: BRSMG Ce 9856

Locality: Western flank of Stonebarrow, the coastal cliff that lies just east of the River Char (national Grid Reference SY 370929), Lyme Regis coast, Pinhay Bay- Charmouth, Dorset County, England, Southern United Kingdom.


Biostratigraphy: Caenisites obtusum zone.

Age: Hettangian-Pliensbachian Stage, Lower Lias Epoch, Early Early Jurassic.

Material: Skull and nearly complete skeleton.

Note: An unusual central prominence and associated groove extending to the periphery of the flattened humeral head may be pathological (PARDO-PEREZ, KEAR, GOMEZ, MORONI & MAXWELL, 2018).