Genus: Maiasaura HORNER & MAKELA, 1979
Etymology: Greek, Maia, “good mother”, and Greek, sauros, “lizard”: “Good mother lizard”.

Species: peeblesorum HORNER & MAKELA, 1979
Etymology: In honor of the James and John Peebles families, owners of the land where the specimens were collected.

Locality: 12 miles west of Choteau, on the James and John Peebles Ranch, Willow Creek Anticline, Teton County, Montana.

Horizon: Two Medicine Formation.


Age: Judithian age, Campanian Stage, Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Referred material:

STEIN, 2001

Pathological neural spine (a neural arch with 3 spines).