Genus: Nanotyrannus BAKKER, WILLIAMS & CURRIE, 1988
Etymology: Greek, nanos “dwarf, pigmy” and Greek, tyrannos “king”, Pigmy tyrant.

Species: lancensis (GILMORE, 1946) BAKKER, WILLIAMS & CURRIE, 1988

Referred material:


Locality: Burpee Museum Locality number K-12, public land under jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Land Management, northwestern Carter County, Montana.

Horizon: Hell Creek Formation.


Age: Lancian age, upper Maastrichtian Stage, uppermost Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.


BMRP (Burpee Museum Rockford Paleontology) 2002.4.1: Fragmentary skull and fragmentary skeleton of a juvenile.

Note: Has a brodie abscess (Paleopathology) on a phalanx (VITTORE & HENDERSON, 2005, 2013)

Note: Has evidance for face bitting (PETERSON, HENDERSON, VITTORE & SCHERER). Possible penetrating holes made by pes claws on the scapula and ilium (ROTHSCHILDS, 2013).

Note: Nicknamed Jane.