Genus: Pachyrhinosaurus STERNBERG, 1950

Species: lakustai CURRIE, LANGSTON & TANKE, 2008

Locality: Pipestone Creek, Grande Prairie, West of Edmonton, Alberta Province, Canada.

Horizon: Wapiti Formation.


Age: Maastrichtian Stage, Upper Senonian subepoch, Upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.


TANKE & FARKE, 2003, 2006

RTMP89.55.1234: Nearly complete skull.
Note: Palaeopathology, left side of skull has a large circular penetrating lesion, 4 POLs, left squamosal, resorption zone, left squamosal, raised protuberance, left maxilla.


RTMP 89.55.1091: Normal jugal with small cicular depressions with a floor texture resembling trabecular bone.

RTMP 89.55.899: Right half of skull nasal boss has unusual modified.

RTMP 1989.55.188: Skull, left side with complete jugal, squamosal, exoccipital. Right side missing distal exoccipital, jugal, squamosal, both quadrato and quadratojuals missing. "Louise".
Note: Pathology, the right tip of the rostrum has been lost on both sides.

RMTP 86.55.304: Jugal with relatively smooth-floored cicular depressions, pathologic?

RTMP 87.55.101: Quadrate with three anomalies, pathologic.

RTMP 89.55.1072: Quadrate with two pathologies; a circular depression on the articulating surface and has a crack that runs diagonally between the two distal condyles.

RTMP 1986.55.111: Fragmentary skull.
Note: Has a smool, flattened lobe of bone on the antero-ventrla edge of the left squamosal, possible from an injury.

RMTP 88.55.90, 89.55.125: Two subadult parietals with pathologies.

RMTP 87.55.210: Parietal lacks left p3 frill spike; it suffered massive fracture injuries and unusual post-trauma healing.

RTMP 89.55.1085: Parietal has two pathologic P3 frilll spike.

RMTP 89.55.1503: Possible pathologic frill with irregular right P3 frill spike.

RTMP 89.55.978: Pathologic isolated cervical neural arch wiht the right prezygapophysis misshapen and several concentric folds of ridges occuring external to the zygapophyses on the dorsal side of the transverse process. Disease-related.

RMTP 88.55.52: Pathologic a reduced and malformed zygapophysis, but also has deep pitting on the centrum endplate. Disease-related.

RTMP 89.55.363: Proximal caudal with osteopathy.

RTMP 89.55.287: Mid-caudal wiht osteopathy.

RTMP 87.55.102: 4 fused caudal vertebrae.

RTMP 87.55.190: Left scapula with two smooth, low rounded co-joinged calluses on the thickened ridge (scapualr spine) that bisects the scapualr blade.

RTMP 85.112.70: Mild stress fracture on a phalange.

RTMP 67.19.85: Phalange with severe form of a stress fracture.