Locality: A new quarry at the Lafarg cement works, Westbury, Wiltshire County, England, Southern United Kingdom.

Horizon: Kimmeridge Clay Formation.

Biostratigraphy: 7 m below the Crussoliceras limestone horizon in the eudoxus biozone E4.

Age: Early Kimmeridgian Stage, Middle Malm Epoch, Late Jurassic.


BRSMG Cd6172: Fragmentary skull, and dentary.

Note: Has three, and possibly four, pathological conditions. Dorsomedial to left maxillary alveolus 9, on the palatal surface has a mass of callosal tissue forming a lump, lateral and slightly dorsal to right dentary funcional alveoli 9-11 are three cavities that resemble shallow slightly oblique and distorted funcional alveoli, the glenoid surfaces of the articulars are several pockmarked with cavities of farious sizes, both retroarticular processes have been eroded down to stumps.