Genus: Spiclypeus MALLON, OTT, LARSON, LULIANO, & EVANS, 2016
Etymology: Latin, spica, 'spike', and Latin, clypeus, 'shield': referring to the many large, spike-like epiossifications about the margint of the parieosquamosal frill.

Species: shipporum MALLON, OTT, LARSON, LULIANO, & EVANS, 2016
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Bill and linda Shipp, the original owners of the holotype and thier family.

Holotype: CMN 57081

Locality: Near the town of Winifred, Fergus County, Montana.

Horizon: Coal Ridge Member, Judith River Formation.


Age: Judithian Age, Campanian Stage, Uppermost Senonian Subepoch, Uppermost Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: A partial skull and postcranium.

Note: Squamosal fenestrae with abscess cavities and drainge tracks suggets the fenetrae may be pathological in origion, the distal hoaf of the humerus has a chronic infection.