Genus: Stahleckeria HUENE, 1935
Etymology: In honor of Dr. Rudolph Stahlecker, German Paleontologist who worked with Huene on South American fossil digs, where the specimen was found.
= Barysoma COX, 1965
Etymology: Greek, barys, “heavy”, Greek, soma, “body”: Heavy body.

Species: potens HUENE, 1935

Locality: ‘Baum-Sanga of Abelo Lui Silva’ at Chinqua, Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.

Horizon: Upper Santa Maria Member, Santa Maria Formation (Caturrita Formation?).


Age: Late Ladinian Substage Late Landian Stage, Uppermost Mid Triassic Epoch, Middle Triassic, or ?Julian Substage, ?Early Carnian Stage, Lower Late Triassic Epoch, Late Triassic.

Referred material:

VEGA, & MAISCH, 2014

GPIT/RE/8001: Fragmentary skeleton. Note: With pathological right scapula, right humerus, left femur, left tibia and left fibual of the mounted skeleton.