Genus: Talarurus MALEEV, 1952
Etymology: Greek, talaros, “basket”, and Greek, oura, “tail” + us: “basket tail”.

Species: plicatospineus MALEEV, 1952

Holotype: PIN 557

Locality: Bayan Shiree (Bain-Shire), eastern Gobi desert, Dornod, Dornogov’, Mongolia.

Horizon: Bain Shiree Formation.


Age: Cenomanian Stage, Uppermiddle Gallic Subepoch-Lower Santonian Stage, Lower Senonian Subepoch, Lower Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: Fragments of postcranial skeletons of at least 6 individuals and 2 fragments of skulls.

Note: According to COOMBS, 1971; Back of skull, numerous vertebrae, ribs, scapulocoracoid, humerus, radius, ulna, nearly complete manus, partial ilium, ischium, femur, tibia, fibula, nearly complete pes and armor.

Note: Has two anterior free caudal vertebrae that are fused. (ARBOUR & CURRIE, 2011)