Genus: Tenontosaurus OSTROM, 1970

Species: tillettorum OSTROM, 1970

Referred material:


Locality: OMNH locality V821, Atoka County, Oklahoma.

Horizon: Antlers Formation.


Age: Cashenranchian, Aptian-Albian Stage, middle Gallic subepoch, lower Cretaceous Epoch, Early Cretaceous.


OMNH 58340: Nearly complete and articulated subadult with only the mid-section of the tail missing due to weathering.

Note: It has 4 pathologicl elements: 2 left ribs (L7 and L10), a right rib (R10), left pedal phalanx I-1, and th eleft metacarpal IV. Tht pathologes were classified as traumatic (from injury), infectious (from viral, bactrial, and fungal foregin agents), traumatic-infectious (infection following an injury), or developmental (caused by growth disturbance during developement) sensu Hanna (2002) (HUNT, PETERSON, FREDERICKSON, COHEN & BERRY, 2019).