Genus: Toyotamphiamela AOKI, 1983

Species: machikanense (KAMOI & MATSUMOTO, 1965) AOKI, 1983
= Tomistoma machikanensie KAMOI & MATSUMOTO, 1965

Holotype: MOUF0001

Locality: Osaka Prefecture, Honshu Island, Central Japan.

Horizon: Osaka Group.


Age: Pliocene Epoch, Upper Neogene Period, Lower Quaternary Subera-Pleistocene Epoch, Upper Quaternary Subera, Upper Cenozoic Era.

Material: Skull and skeleton.

Note: Patology, anterior third of the mandible was amputatedand shows signs of healing. The right tibia and fibula were factured, adn each of them was later fused in dislocated position with callus formation. Additionally, there are two puncture marks on a dermal scute. Possibly incured by territorialty or mating.