Genus: Nova? STEIN & TRIEBOLD, 2005, 2013

Holotype: BCT-110, RMDRC 2002.Mt-001

Locality: Approximately 20 miles northwest of the town of Melstone, along the Petroleum/Musselshell County line, Petroleum County, Montana.

Horizon: Judith River Formation.


Age: Judithian age, Middle Campanian Stage, middle Senonian subepoch, upper Gulf Epoch, Late Cretaceous.

Material: So far collected, both entaries, right squamosal, left lacrimal, left post orbital, left ectopterygoid, left pterygoid, left quadrato-jugal, and portionof right jugal, left femur, both ischia, several cervical and dorsal vertebrae, thoracic and cervical ribs, gastralia, fragmentary remains of the left scapula-coracoid, fibula, tibia, and astragulus.

Note: Broken and healed rib?

Note: Tooth marks on the jugal and gastralia.

Note: Juvenile or young adult? Nicknamed Sir William.