Genus: Casoides OLSON & BEERBOWER, 1953

Species: sanangeloensis OLSON & BEERBOWER, 1953
Etymology: In reference to the San Angelo Formation.

Holotype: FMNH (CMNH) UR 151

Locality: From red shale facies of middle third of section, sublocality KP, Little Croton Creek, Knox County, Texas.

Horizon: San Angelo Formation.


Age: Early Late Permian.

Material: Right hind limb and part of foot, part of left femur, humerus, fragments of vertebrae including 2 centra and scrap.

Referred material:

FMNH (CMNH) UR 152: Right and left femora, top of ilium, part of symphysial region of pubis, vertebral centrum, and scrap.