Genus: Ctenorhachis HOOK & HOTTON, 1991

Species: jacksoni HOOK & HOTTON, 1991

Holotype: USNM 437710

Locality: Texas & New Orleans Railroad Company Survey, abstract 1351, section 94, southeast of Fulda, Baylor County, Texas: UTM 14SNN02092596, Dundee 7.5' topographic quadrangle.

Horizon: Petrolia Formation of Hentz and Brown (1987) Whichita Group.
Horizon: Petrolia Formation (formerly Belle Plains Formation, middle Wichita Group), Lower Wichita Group.

Biostratigraphy: Land-vertebrate faunachron upper B.

Age: Upper Wolfcampanian stage, Upper Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: 31 articulated vertebrae (4 posterior cervical, 20 dorsal, 3 sacral and 4 caudal), attached pelvis, and several fragmentary ribs.

Referred material:

Locality: Hooper & Wade Survey, abstract 689, section 47, south of Black Flat, Archer County, Texas. UTM 14SNN14182461, Lake Kiackapoo 7.5' topographic quadrangle.

Horizon: Nocona Formation of Hentz and Brown (1987) Wichita Group.
Note: Admiral Formation of Romer, 1974.


Age: Leonardian stage, Upper Rotilegendes Epoch, Early Permian.


USNM 437711: