Genus: Cutleria LEWIS & VAUGHN, 1965

Species: wilmarthi LEWIS & VAUGHN, 1965

Holotype: USNM 22099

Locality: Locality 3, from a band from 1/10 to 3/4 mile wide on both sides of the San Miguel River for 4 miles upstream and 4 miles downstream from the town of Placerville, San Miguel County, Colorado.

Horizon: Cutler Formation.


Age: Wolfcampian, Lower Rotliegendes Epoch, Early Permian.

Material: Fragmentary skull, fragmentary mandible, first 12 vertebrae, several additional presacral and caudal vertebrae, parts of the rib cage the pectoral girdle, the incomplete left humerus, the right
epipodials, and the right carpus.