Genus: Delorhynchus FOX, 1962

Species: priscus FOX, 1962

Holotype: KU 11117

Locality: A fissure deposit in the Arbuckle limestone at the Dolese Brothers Limestone Quarry, approximately 6 miles north of Fort Sill, in sec. 31, T4N, R11W, Comanche County, Oklahoma.

Horizon: Possibly equivalent to the Arroyo Formation, Lower Clear Fork Group.

Biostratigraphy: Land-vertebrate faunachron lower D.

Age: Middle Leonardian stage, upper Rotliegendes, Early Permian.

Material: Fragmentary left maxilla with 4 teeth.

Referred material:

KU 11118: Fragmentary right maxilla with 4 teeth.

KU 11119: Fragmentary left maxilla with 4 teeth.