Genus: Ennatosaurus EFEMOV, 1956

Species: tecton EFEMOV, 1956

Holotype: PIN 1580/17(PIN 1580/25)

Locality: Moroznitsa locality, 1580/n, on the bank of the Pinega River near the town of Karpoga, on the Pinega River, northwestern European Russia.


Biostratigraphy: Zone II.

Age: Earliest early Tatarian Age, Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zeichstein Epoch, Middle Permian.


Material: Skull and lower jaw.

Referred material:

PIN 1580/5: Fibula.

PIN 1580/6: Poorly preserved pelvis and scrap.

PIN 1580/7: Tibia, fibula and part of a hind foot of a juvenile.

PIN 1580/10: Ribs.

PIN 1580/11: Distal end of humerus.

PIN 1580/12: Right humerus and fragmentary scapula.

PIN 1580/14: Skull with jaws and some vertebrae attached, this is also carried the number 1580/20, but see 1580/24 below, another specimen given number 20.

PIN 1580/15: Ilium and distal end of humerus.

PIN 1580/16: Lower jaw.

PIN 1580/18: 2 dorsal vertebrae.

PIN 1580/19: Skull and jaws.

PIN 1580/22: Dorsal vertebrae.

PIN 1580/23: Ilium and sacral ribs.

PIN 1580/24: A small skull and jaws of an immature individual, this also carried the number 1580/20. It was listed as 1580/21 in OLSON 1962. The number 1580/20 is discarded to avoid confusion, There is now no number 25 in collections.

PIN 1580/101: Partial skeleton, 16 vertebrae and ribs, part of shoulder girdle, femur, ulna, radius.

PIN 1580/102: Radius, ulna, carpus, scapula and part of coracoid.

PIN 1580/103: Ilium and sacral ribs.

PIN 1580/104: Single large vertebra.

PIN 1580/105: 4 vertebrae, part of indeterminate limb bone and head of tibia.

PIN 1580/106: 3 rather poorly preserved vertebrae and scrap.

PIN 1580/107: 78 presacral and 7 or 8 caudal vertebrae, femur and ilium.

PIN 1580/108: Humerus, part of radius and ulna, fragment of scapula, and radius.

PIN 1580/110: 2 radii quite immature.

PIN 1580/111: Centra of 55 and 1/2 large vertebrae.

PIN 1580/112: 2 partial maxillae with teeth.

PIN 1580/113: Large interclavicle.

PIN 1580/114: Part of ilium.

PIN 1580/115: Part of 2 large anterior dorsal vertebrae.

PIN 1580/117: Interclavicle, clavicle, scapulocoracoid, pterygoid with teeth and scrap.

PIN 1580/118: Part of pelvis, right femur, head of tibia and scrap.

PIN 1580/119: Fibula.

PIN 1580/120: Part of scapula, humerus, radius, ulna, part of clavicle, foot bones.

PIN 1580/121: Ulna and part of humerus.

PIN 1580/122: Front part of left side of skull, showing part of palate, most of left lower jaw and part of right.

PIN 1580/123: Scapula, part of 2 ribs, part of interclavicle, a very flat limb bone, and fibula.

PIN 1580/124: Crushed ulna and humerus.

PIN 1580/125: Part of scapulocoracoid.

PIN 1580/126: Left pes of a young individual.

PIN 1580/127: Right dentary of very young individual including 9 teeth.


Locality: Nyisagora locality, 4543/n, on the Mezen River, near the juction with the Vashka River, Leshukonskii District, Arkhangelsk Region, European Russia.

Horizon: Biarmian Series, Urzhumian Stage, Urzhumian Horizon, Zone II.

Biostratigraphy: Mezen Faunal Assemblage.

Age: Earliest early Tatarian Age, Guadelupian Stage, Middle Zeichstein Epoch, Middle Permian.


PIN Uncatalogued: Skull and lower jaws.

PIN 4543/Uncatalogued 1: Fragment of cheek region.

PIN 4543/Uncatalouged 2: Fragment of denary.